A New Year, A New Start… Over… Again.

A New Year, A New Start… Over… Again.

Well here we find ourselves once again posting a reintroduction, which is pretty much the only thing I seem to post in any blog ever. “But this time will be different!” is what I tell myself each time, convinced I’ve found a new system to get myself to post more. Two blogs ago it was to have a strict posting schedule with deadlines while my last attempt revolved around turning that around to have a more laid back approach to blogging.

Both of these ideas crashed and burned, so now it’s time to try something in the middle, with a weekly news roundup on Friday and intermittent posts elsewhere in the week. The trick this time is setting aside time every single day (almost every single day) to write, no matter what about. Then, anytime I feel genius has struck and I think I’ve written something that isn’t complete dreck, it will make it to the blog after some polishing up.

This year’s primary goal is to find myself a career I truly love. And I keep trying to “get a real job,” and all that. Laughing at my younger colleagues who have the dream to write about video games for a living, or play video games for a living. Sometimes I even roll my eyes at those who talk about *making* games for a living. The truth is all of these are noble pursuits, and it’s simply jealousy that makes me scoff at others’ ambitions. It’s high time I admitted to myself that I share these ambitions, and the fight isn’t over yet. ‘It’s never too late to achieve your dreams’, and all that other inspirational nonsense.

I don’t know if I had given up on my dream, deciding it was too much hard work for too little reward, or if I had chosen to believe my career goals were childish, but I’ve come to the realization that neither is true. I’m dedicating this year to reinvigorating my true goals in life and to find happiness through achieving them. I hope everyone else can find happiness in 2016 as well.

Oh yeah, and despite “starting over,” I’m still keeping my previous post if only for my deep love of The Guided Fate Paradox and utter disappointment with its sequel.


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